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Our model lube makes experience super smooth. Also gaol Durex Work together Sense lube in reach, so you’re usually happy when the attitude takes you.
This turn up, water-based lube is designed to give you and your partner sedate smoother propagative experiences. Utter a infrequent drops to inflation slickness during experience and peacefulness any vaginal dryness or discomfort. The water-soluble modus operandi is non-staining, non-greasy and wonderfully gentle on the body. It’s virtuous to be in the be sure, so designate sure to conclude from the included instructions completely. Many times conclude from the label.

Storage Instructions

  • Store lower 30C

WATER-BASED FORMULABeautifully silky for a smooth and tranquil sexual contact that helps quiet vaginal dryness. Lube easy as pie washes wrong simply when you’re done.
DISCREET DELIVERYGel lube delivered in considerate packaging with no branding or indication of carton contents.
DUREX QUALITYStanding recompense ‘Durability, Reliability and Eminence’, Durex exceeds worldwide value standards, giving you the nerve to relish in intensely erotic experiences.
Avoid friend with eyes. If you practice irritation, stop using this lube. If irritation continues go last your Doctor. Keep out of reach of Children. Pour down the drain within 3 months.